Advent wreath lighting

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Q: Thank you for your Liturgical expertise and for the great work you do. We are so very grateful for you!

We will light the Advent wreath this coming Saturday night, during Mass, using the formula in the Book of Blessings. It’s my understanding that subsequent lightings should occur without any special “ceremony.”  Last year, we had parishioners light the wreath before each Mass. It was simple and reverent.

On the first SUNDAY Mass of Advent, should we repeat the blessing  at the morning Mass? Is there value in repeating it for the gathered assembly on Sunday?  

Am I correct that the lighting of candles on the 2nd-4th Sundays shoukd occur without ceremony?



A: That’s the way I’ve always done it. We use the Book of Blessings for the Saturday evening Mass and then simply have someone light the candle without ceremony before subsequent Masses begin throughout Advent.

But you’ll find people who think that everyone should witness the prayer from the Book of Blessings, and they use it at all the Masses the first weekend. There’s no rule one way or the other. I think it lends more authenticity to say that prayer just once.