Baptism and First Communion

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Q: I need some clarification on children who are older and have not yet been Baptized and also want to receive First Communion.

Both in the school and in the parish, second graders and older students who have not been Baptized will be Baptized and then receive First Communion because that’s what the parents want and I was told we need to meet these families where they are.

My question is –
I thought if someone is of catechetical age and is not Baptized then they would need to receive all the sacraments of initiation at once and after they are properly prepared. (I’m not sure you can prepare a 13 year old for two sacrament in four weeks.) Is this not the case? I just need some guidance.


A: Children of catechetical age are to be admitted as catechumens and receive all three sacraments of initiation at the Vigil. In the Code of Canon Law, canons 883 and 885 oblige the priest who baptizes them to confirm them at the same time. 

I know there are priests who do not follow this, but they are breaking the church’s law.

Children are only expected to learn what they are capable of learning. The sacraments are God’s gift of grace to them.