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Q: Earlier this year I became a lector, “reader”, I believe is the more correct term for a lay person, for my parish. I have a question regarding the revised Lectionary from which readings are read from. 

My first step was to review information from the USCCB website regarding the Lectionary,is%20taken%20from%20the%20Bible

However, I was unsuccessful in resolving my issue. 

Therefore I will pose my question to you: Are the three Lectionaries, A, B and C, from the Sunday cycle, or the two Lectionaries from the weekday cycle, if they were to be formed as a complete “book” of the Sacred Scriptures, as from the list of the translations of the Sacred Scriptures that have received the approval of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops since 1983, bound together as one “book,” with the explanatory text accompanying each reading, including the readings themselves, arranged in correct order, available as a single “book.”? 

It’s my thought that “book” would be another great means of studying the Bible. The explanatory text is a fantastic resource to better understand the readings.

However, a “book” such as I describe in my question may already be available and I am not knowledgeable of such.

Thank you for any help you could provide. I appreciate your time. 

A: Thanks for accepting service as a reader for your parish.

A single book containing all the readings of all five volumes of the lectionary together with commentaries about each reading would be impracticably large.

I believe most people find this kind of information effectively from day to day online.