Book of the Gospels

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Q: We understand that the for the Entrance procession at liturgy, the Deacon of the Word (if there is more than one deacon present)  carries in the Book of the Gospels. 

If there is no deacon, does a reader carry in the Book of the Gospels? The priest who will proclaim the Gospel? Or is it already posted / laid on the altar before \the Entrance Procession begins? We have been guided by # 194 in the GIRM but  recently have been told by a deacon that we are wrong in having a reader carry in the Book of the Gospels. Is there a more recent change? 


A: You are citing the correct paragraph from the GIRM, and it is still in force. When there is no deacon the reader may carry the Book of the Gospels in the entrance procession. There is never a provision for the priest to carry it in the entrance procession. Alternatively, the book may be placed on the altar before Mass begins.