Children’s Liturgy of the Word – Updated Again

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

I’ve been reading with interest the recent discussion on your blog concerning the proper way to refer to the sending/invitation/dismissal of children as they go to a different place to celebrate “Children’s Liturgy of the Word.” For what it’s worth, this is what the Introduction to the Lectionary for Masses with Children, no. 8, says:

8. When children are to participate in the liturgy of the word in a space separate from the main assembly, they first gather with the rest of the assembly to celebrate the introductory rites. At the conclusion of the opening prayer, but before the first reading is proclaimed, the presiding priest may formally send the children and their ministers to the place where they will celebrate their own liturgy of the word. This may be done by presenting the Lectionary to the one who will preside over the liturgy of the word with the children and/or by words of dismissal, such as the following:

A. Receive this book of readings and proclaim God’s word faithfully to the children entrusted to your care.

B. My dear children, you will now go to hear God’s word, to praise God in song, and to reflect on the wonderful things God has done for us. We will await your returnso that together we may celebrate the eucharist.

At the conclusion of their liturgy of the word, and before the liturgy of the eucharist begins, the children return to their families.

I understand that this book’s status as approved for current use is complicated, and acknowledge that the Introduction’s language is based on that of the now-obsolete Sacramentary, but I thought it was interesting to share. Perhaps some light will be shed at the FDLC National Meeting in a couple weeks?

In any case, thanks as always for sharing your insights via your blog.


A: Excellent. Thank you. I neglected to check that book.