Communion service outside of Mass

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Q: I received an email from our diocese in addition to a flyer for the book Holy Communion and Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery Outside Mass. Could you explain what this book replaces and how to best utilize this? I assume we can use this for communion service outside of Mass, but I don’t typically use a book outside of the lectionary for the readings. I am a little confused as I see we must use this beginning with Advent in December, 2024. Thank you.


A: This replaces a book that has been in force since the 1970s but that I have seen in very few sacristies. It includes the proper way to lead a communion service, bring communion to the sick, and to expose the Blessed Sacrament—among other things. Everything that has to do with the use of a tabernacle is in there.

My commentary on the book, Eucharistic Reservation, can now be ordered.