Corpus Christi Processions

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Q: First, we need to have the bishop’s permission for Corpus Christi Processions correct? Even if they are just in our parish parking lot?

Second, at Corpus Christi Processions I have been at in the past, at times the cleric carrying the Blessed Sacrament stops at table, places the monstrance down, incenses our Lord and/or does extra prayers there. Then either he or another cleric picks up the monstrance and the procession continues. What certain protocols do priests need to keep in mind if they want to carry this out as part of their Corpus Christi Procession? Additionally, what can we or cannot do at such a “station” when the Blessed Sacrament is placed down at such a table?

Thanks for your guidance and God bless you. 

A: Paragraph 101 of Holy Communion and Worship of the Eucharist outside Mass says that the bishop judges the appropriateness of processions of this kind to ensure reverence for the Sacrament. It may be best to contact him, let him know what you’re planning, and that you’re making sure you are compliant with paragraph 101.

Paragraph 104 of the same book describes stopping at stations where a blessing may be given. It doesn’t say a whole lot more about the station, but by implication one could pause long enough for music, incense and prayer.

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