Dialogue between priest and people

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Q: Please clarify in terms of the dialogue between the liturgical priest and people when the priest refrains from praying the peoples part:

E.G. The Great Amen. Does the priest sing the Amen having intoned the Doxology? 

What about ‘Behold the Lamb of God…” Does the priest say “Lord I am not worthy…”?

What about singing the Lamb of God? Does the priest join in this?

Is there a ready reference for clarifying when the priest/bishop joins with people and when not, apart from the obvious?


A: All these are noted in the Order of Mass in the middle of the missal. To conclude the eucharistic prayer, the priest sings the doxology, but the Amen belongs to the people. He may join the Lamb of God, but of course he has a private prayer to say while dropping a particle of the host into the chalice. He does say, “Lord, I am not worthy.” 

I’ve also treated these in my book Let Us Pray.