Easter Vigil

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Q: I have a question as to Easter Vigil:

Our parish, which is very large but limited seating at about 650, has both English and Spanish RCIA. 

At the Easter Vigil, the Archbishop and Auxiliary Bishops are present at the Fire Rite and English and Spanish communities gather together. We have two Paschal Candles, both are lit and after the Fire Rite, the English community proceeds into the Cathedral and Spanish community into the adjoining spaces, there are two concurrent Easter Vigils. 

We tried a combined Easter Vigil years ago but no one was pleased and there was insufficient seating. 

It is my understanding there is but one Easter Vigil and anything else must follow after the Easter Vigil concludes.

We have a Mission that is several miles away serving the Spanish community. They are interested in the Easter Vigil for the mission. 

Can we have two Vigils? Can the mission have a Vigil?

I have searched literature but it seems vague on the topic.

I would appreciate your wisdom.


A: As I understand it, there is to be only one Easter Vigil per parish. I’m not even sure who can give permission for a second or third one, though you present a compelling argument. I’d start with your bishops and canon lawyers. A request may have to go to the Vatican’s Dicastery for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments for clarification.