Husband’s Godmother

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Q: Can wife be husband’s Godmother? 

I know it is weird in most Catholic countries, but in Missionary area, it is a common question.
Catholic wife’s prayers finally be heard, her husband join the RCIA, and the husband asked can his wife also  be his godmother? I can’t find any  canon said you can’t do it, but still I hope to hear your expert opinion.


A: This is a canonical question, so you may want to check with your local authorities, but the qualifications for godparents are in canon 874 §1. It does not exclude a spouse from serving as a godparent.

In my parishes, I have permitted it in the past. But I always advise against it because the spouse has a different role: being the spouse. And the godparent is to represent the broader community.
But I see no law against it.