Incense in the recessional

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Q:  Do we use incense processing out after Mass at all Masses when incense is used? A priest told me it is only used in the recessional at the Chrism Mass. Thanks.


A:  GIRM 276 lists the occasions for incense at a typical Mass, and it makes no mention of the recessional. Incense is not to be carried in the final procession. There is nothing left to incense.

There are two exceptions, both found in the missal on Holy Thursday. The Chrism Mass, which of course may be anticipated, has incense preceding the newly consecrated chrism as it is processed out of the church. At the evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper incense precedes the consecrated hosts to be placed in reservation. In both instances the incense pertains to a sacred object in the procession which is not there at another Mass.