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Q: In a recent post,, you invited followers of your blog to help answer the question if a “Blessed” may be added to the litany of the saints.

The question regarding adding names to litany piqued my interest, and so I dug into the matter a bit more.

As you noted the Ordo Missae in Cantu as well as the Calendarium Romanum have a rather comprehensive list of Saints.

I think that you might be reading the permission to add additional Saints to the Litany to be a bit restrictive. In consulting the Ceremonial of Bishops, the Missal, and the Pontifical, they all seem to have similar language. I read it as more permissive. It says in general that additional Saints may be added to the Litany, (examples of this might be, patron saint, titular of the church, founder of the church , patron of the one to be ordained). Thus there would seem to be no problem adding Saint Patrick to the litany. As to Blesseds, as the bishop-elect is apparently a religious, I suspect even though the founder is a Blessed, they could be added (especially if the founder is celebrated in the calendar of the particular religious institute). I think all you would need to check the Martyrology and see if the founders name is inscribed there to be sure. I know the Litany of Saints approved for Canada contains a number of Blessed that have been added the particular Calendar for Canada. Perhaps the introduction to the Martyrology might provide a bit more insight.

One a related note, I did find the following article on the matter [Another blog-follower submitted the link to the same article:]

Regarding your post on adding names to the litany of saints. Here is an article that we referenced for a priestly ordination Mass.


A: Thank you both for responding. This was helpful. I still don’t see in the OCM that Blesseds may be added to the Litany of the Saints, but you are correct that the Martyrology lists the Blesseds and considers their observance in the liturgical calendar. I presume from all of this, that it is acceptable to add Blesseds to the Litany of the Saints.