“Living Liturgy” E-Book

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Q: Paul. I don’t know if you will have the answer to my question.

Each year I order a copy of “Living Liturgy” published by Liturgical Press. Since at least from 2015, they have published a print edition and an E-Book edition. I have found the E-Book edition (PDF) very helpful in my homily preparation. When I called Liturgical Press recently, I was told by a Customer Service Person that the U.S. Bishops no longer allow them to publish an E-Book edition of Living Liturgy 2023, just a print edition. Are you aware of this and do you know why Liturgical Press cannot offer an E-Book edition of Living Liturgy 2023?

As always, thanks for sharing your helpful liturgical knowledge with us!


A: I reached out to Liturgical Press for an answer. They tell me that they lost permission to publish the pdf versions because anyone who downloads them could manipulate the scripture passages. Lit Press can’t do anything about it this year, but a possible future solution is to publish them as official ebooks that would prevent such tampering. Everyone is disappointed and hopeful for a good solution.