Prayers in the missal

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Your book on the Lectionary, Words Without Alloy, is the answer to my prayers. After reading several of your other books I always wondered if the deliberations behind the committee (Group 11) would ever be available to those of us who don’t read Italian. (To be a fly on the wall during those deliberations.) I hope you will write a book about the development of the prayers for Mass. I know some are very ancient.


A: Thanks. I hope you enjoy the lectionary book. Incidentally, the reports like the ones I reference from group 11 are not in Italian. They’re in Latin. Occasionally there’s one in Italian, French or German, but the groups all communicated to the Consilium in writing in Latin.

I have a little info about the prayers in the missal in my book Pastoral Companion to the Roman Missal. It tells you the origins of each of the Sunday presidential prayers.