Readings for funerals

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Q: In reading your response to the question about holy days on funerals , it prompted me to write to ask your thoughts about using the readings and orations of the day on solemnities and including the reception of the body and final commendation. While this might not be the best circumstances for a funeral, could it not be a pastoral adaptation to accommodate a bereaved family? If this scenario were feasible, the Gloria and Creed would have to be added as well, but could the Gloria be omitted is it might be on Sunday when we celebrate the Rite of Acceptance into the Order of Catechumens.


A: GIRM 380 makes a distinction between solemnities in general and solemnities that are holydays of obligation. In the case of a day of obligation, a funeral may not take place during that Mass because they’re both important observances.

So, no, pastorally sensitive as your suggestion seems, we’re not supposed to do a funeral in the US on a day like December 8 or December 25. You could, however, on August 15 when it falls on a Monday.