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Q: I’d like to self-publish my original songs I’ve written for Catholic liturgy. (Many are used at my parish, allowed by our diocese’s chancellor.) Can you help with these questions?

  1. Is there an approval process for my text, without the aid of a large publishing company? (OCP, etc.)
  2. Would I be overstepping in some way, to self-publish without such approval? I could include an advisory stating that, although I have done my best to adhere to Catholic guidelines, there has been no official approval.

Thank you, again!

(And thanks, again, for Let Us Pray. I refer to it often.)


A: I don’t know of an approval process, but you could check back with your chancellor to see about getting local authorization from the diocese’s Censor Librorum.

If you are using any copyrighted texts, such as ICEL’s ordinary of the Mass, then you need permission from the source.