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Q:  My parish has a small chapel (where adoration takes place after the 7am Mass until 5pm) adjacent (attached and one roof separated by a glass sliding door) to the main church building. 

I’ll put curtains or blinds on the glass to avoid interruption (temporary reposition) of adoration during Mass/worship service in the main church during the day. 

We have a tabernacle in the small chapel and in the main church. I heard you mentioned only one tabernacle in a church. I appreciate your suggestion. 


A:  You might have to get an opinion from your own bishop’s office about these two practices. It seems to me that the small chapel is so close to the church that adoration should be interrupted during Mass, and people encouraged to participate at Mass so that they can enjoy the fullness of the Eucharistic mystery. See HCWEOM 83.

Regarding a second tabernacle, see HCWEOM 10, which says “ordinarily” there should be a single tabernacle. Again, someone in your diocese may have to interpret this.