“The Word of the Lord”

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Q: In a post from a few years ago, you said you had no documentation for omitting “The Word of the Lord” after the third reading at the Easter Vigil, even though that is the practice at the papal Mass at St. Peter’s in the Vatican –  https://paulturner.org/exodus-reading-at-the-vigil/.

In the Latin edition of the Lectionary, all of the readings end with “Verbum Domini” except the third reading.  The reading ends with the words:

“Tunc cecinit Moyses et filii Israel carmen hoc Domino, et diserunt: Psalmus Responsorius.

Cantemus Domino: gloriose enim magnificatus est.”


A: Right you are.


Q. Thank you for continuing your very helpful blog.

Your recent post on the omission of “The Word of the Lord” after the 3rd Easter Vigil reading (from Exodus) – https://paulturner.org/the-word-of-the-lord-2/ – caught my attention, since I am accustomed to this omission and was unaware of any controversy regarding it. Consequently, I consulted the relevant (English) Canadian lectionary (published in 2008) and found a very helpful rubric immediately following the reading in question: The canticle is sung immediately after the reading. The usual conclusion to the reading, “The word of the Lord,” is omitted.Perhaps the next edition of the (English) American Sunday lectionary should borrow this rubric from your friendly northern neighbours. 


A. Thanks for this.