Vestment color

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Q: GIRM #355a indicates that during lenten weekdays, if a saints’ optional memorial or commemoration is observed, the collect is taken from that celebration, while the remaining orations and readings are taken from the lenten weekday. 

My question regards vestments color when such a celebration is observed.  I have seen some commentators state that violet is worn for the celebration of an optional memorial or commemoration during lent.  However, I cannot find any official reference that back’s this up. Can you point me in the right direction?


A: I don’t know where this may be stated. However, GIRM 347 allows a priest a choice of vestment color when celebrating a Mass for Various Needs—either the one associated with the Mass or the one associated with day or time of year. I suspect the same would apply to a commemoration in Lent.

For saints, I usually wear the color associated with the collect, which I apply to commemorations observed in Lent.