What should we give the Church for our
Child's Baptism?

     St. Regis Parish does not charge you a fee for baptizing your child.  Preparing the parents and celebrating the baptism are part of our ministry.  We offer these services freely to our members.

     We also believe that giving is good, and that those who contribute to the work of the church experience spiritual benefits which come to those who practice generosity.

     St. Regis relies on just such generosity, given freely in contributions by our members.  A contribution from you would help us continue our ministry to parents, and allow you to experience the good feelings that come from charitable giving.

     We make these recommendations:

     1) Give regularly.  If you pledge to a parish and contribute regularly, you'll develop a spirit of charity which will benefit your life, your family, and all you meet. Parishes can also better budget for our work and carry it out if we know we can count on your gift.

     2) Make a special contribution at the time of the baptism. St. Regis faces many expenses to make this baptism possible.  Our costs come in staff salaries, utilities, materials for the preparation and celebration of baptism, and the up keep and maintenance of our complex.  Offerings of $20 to $50 help us with these expenses.  We realize that not everyone can make a special gift to us, but we appreciate it when they do.

     Just so you know, the priests of St. Regis do not keep the money parents give them for the service.  Priests are salaried by the parish.  When parents offer money to priests in our diocese after baptism, they give it back to the parish.  Rather than make a gift to the priest, please consider making a substantial gift to the parish.

     Finally, please remember, your child's baptism is part of our ministry.  We'd do it for nothing.  But this occasion may be a chance for you to return a gift to your parish and community.

     God's blessings on your growing family!

[Fr. Paul Turner, Pastor and the Stewardship Council of St. John Francis Regis Church June,1994]

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