The September 11
Memorial Candle

The September 11 Memorial Candle will help you pray at home for the needs of the world in this time of woe.

The candle bears the date on which an act of terrorism claimed the lives of thousands of people on American soil. That date stands as a reminder of a moment in time when we all became more aware of our mortality, our unity, the force of evil, and our dependence upon God.

More strongly, the candle carries the mark of Jesus. Our savior is represented in the time-honored symbol called the chi-rho. These two letters of the Greek alphabet, X and P, represent our English letters "Ch" and R". Traditionally, they form an abbreviation for Christ.

The red, white, and blue colors of the candle signify America: the nation where the terrorism happened, where people of many countries live and work, and where special prayers for peace are rising up toward God.

When we gather for prayer before this candle, we pray in the spirit of love taught by Jesus. We pray for those who lost their lives. We pray for those who grieve and mourn. We pray for those who live in fear. We pray for those who minister to the living and the dead.

But also, in the spirit of Jesus, in the glow of this candle, we pray for our enemies. We pray for those who confuse evil acts with religious zeal. We pray for their conversion. We pray for peace.

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