Solemnities and chapels

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Q: Thanks very much for taking the time to respond.  I appreciate your insights! 

Two follow-up questions, if I may presume further on your generosity:  

1) You note the distinction between blessed chapels and dedicated churches.  However, would I be correct in thinking that any place that has received the full Rite of Dedication by the local bishop – such as a Motherhouse chapel, even if in common parlance it continues to be referred to as a chapel – should celebrate the solemnities of title and anniversary of dedication, as would a parish church? 

2) For the question initially posed about the parish’s titular feast, what would your thoughts be for a “nearby chapel” that is named for the same patron?  e.g. the chapel of St. Agnes convent, attached to St. Agnes Parish?   I ask since you specified “not in nearby chapels dedicated to other patrons”. 

(Granted for this second one, I understand your warning that “there’s no clear answer to this from the books” and that someone else will probably disagree – both have become apparent as I’ve tried to research this over the past few weeks!  Nevertheless, I value any insight you can provide.) 

Thanks very much.  Many prayers for you and your ministry in Kansas City.  (Go Chiefs!)


A: Yes, I’d say your correct that a “chapel” that did receive the full rite of dedication then has the real deal, and the solemnities apply.

In the second case, even though the patron is shared, I still hold that the chapel is different if it was not fully dedicated, and therefore it may celebrate St. Agnes as a feast, rather than a solemnity.

Amen to the Chiefs.