Topic Issue Group Sub Group
Altar relics 31-08 Dedication of a Church
Dedication Anointing 32-06 Dedication of a Church
Dedication Incense 32-06 Dedication of a Church
Dedication Lectionary 32-03 Dedication of a Church
Dedication Lighting 32-08 Dedication of a Church
Dedication Procession 31-09 Dedication of a Church
Foundation Stone 31-08 Dedication of a Church
Handing over a new church 31-09 Dedication of a Church
Inauguration of Chapel 32-08 Dedication of a Church
Prayer of dedication 32-04 Dedication of a Church
Sprinkling a new church 31-10 Dedication of a Church
Adoration 24-05 Devotions
Advent Wreath 29-10 Devotions
Advent Wreath Year A 37-09 Devotions
Advent Wreath Year B 38-09 Devotions
Advent Wreath Year C 39-09 Devotions
Altar de los Muertos 40-09 Devotions
Altarcito 28-07 Devotions
AMDG 35-07 Devotions
Angels 22-10 Devotions
Benediction 23-04 Devotions
Blessing a New Home 34-09 Devotions
Blessing Religious Articles 33-06 Devotions
Christmas in January 38-01 Devotions
Dance 33-01 Devotions
Disposing of Religious Articles 33-09 Devotions
Entregar el Nino 29-01 Devotions
Epiphany Chalk 28-10 Devotions
Eucharistic processions 29-05 Devotions
Evangelist Symbols 27-09 Devotions
Fast and Abstinence 26-02 Devotions
Fasting 21-02 Devotions
Genuflection 25-06 Devotions
Hail Mary 23-04 Devotions
Holy Water 21-02 Devotions
Holy Year 27-01 Devotions
Indulgences 27-04 Devotions
Infant Jesus of Prague 35-04 Devotions
Miraculous Medal 42-01 Devotions
Our Lady of Perpetual Help 33-09 Devotions
Palms 32-02 Devotions
Penitential Celebrations 34-09 Devotions
Pious Exercises 40-10 Devotions
Posadas 27-10 Devotions
Presentation of a Child 41-04 Devotions
Quinceaneras 27-08 Devotions
Rosary 26-04 Devotions
Stations of the Cross 22-02 Devotions
Statues 22-07 Devotions
Sunday Scriptures at Home 33-02 Devotions
Tithing 40-10 Devotions
Visits to the Sick 33-01 Devotions
Wedding Anniversaries 27-06 Devotions
After a Miscarriage 42-02 Funerals
Book of the Dead 32-09 Funerals
Burial 22-08 Funerals
Cremation 27-09 Funerals
Death before Baptism 23-01 Funerals
Eulogy 27-05 Funerals
Final Commendation 34-06 Funerals
Pallbearers 32-03 Funerals
Placing of Christian Symbols 34-06 Funerals
Placing the Pall 26-02 Funerals
Scripture for Funerals 27-03 Funerals
Sprinkling the Coffin 26-05 Funerals
Suicide Funerals 25-03 Funerals
Taps 39-09 Funerals
Vigil for the deceased 32-07 Funerals
Words in Remembrance 41-06 Funerals
Alpha and Omega 35-08 Furnishings
Altar 26-09 Furnishings
Altar cloths 31-02 Furnishings
Ambo 22-07 Furnishings
Ambry 24-08 Furnishings
Banners 36-04 Furnishings
Book of the Gospels 31-06 Furnishings
Candles 25-05 Furnishings
Cathedra 28-08 Furnishings
Choir Loft 34-01 Furnishings
Church exterior 33-04 Furnishings
Church interior 33-04 Furnishings
Communion Rail 25-10 Furnishings
Cross 22-06 Furnishings
Cruets 26-03 Furnishings
Flags 29-02 Furnishings
Flowers 28-08 Furnishings
Font 23-03 Furnishings
Gathering Space 26-08 Furnishings
IHS 31-07 Furnishings
INRI 30-02 Furnishings
Kneelers 34-01 Furnishings
Manger 35-08 Furnishings
Mensa 32-05 Furnishings
Pipe Organ 25-01 Furnishings
Presider’s Chair 26-07 Furnishings
Regional materials 36-04 Furnishings
Sacramentary 38-08 Furnishings
Sacrarium 25-05 Furnishings
Stained glass windows 39-05 Furnishings
Tabernacle 22-08 Furnishings
Tabernacle Key 39-10 Furnishings
Tabernacle Veil 39-01 Furnishings
Third Edition of the Roman Missal 37-10 Furnishings
Adoration of the cross 39-03 Liturgical Year
Advent Gospels 34-08 Liturgical Year
Agatha 40-01 Liturgical Year
All Saints 25-09 Liturgical Year
All Souls 24-09 Liturgical Year
Andrew 42-09 Liturgical Year
Anthony of Padua 40-05 Liturgical Year
Archangels 40-07 Liturgical Year
Ascension on Sunday 28-04 Liturgical Year
Ashes 21-01 Liturgical Year
Assumption 40-06 Liturgical Year
Baptism of the Lord 26-01 Liturgical Year
Birth Date of Jesus 26-10 Liturgical Year
Birth of Mary 26-07 Liturgical Year
Blase 30-01 Liturgical Year
Catherine of Siena 40-03 Liturgical Year
Chair of Peter 41-01 Liturgical Year
Chrism Mass 24-03 Liturgical Year
Christ the King 34-08 Liturgical Year
Christmas Confession 33-10 Liturgical Year
Christmas on Monday 33-10 Liturgical Year
Christopher Magallanes 42-04 Liturgical Year
Conversion of St. Paul 35-10 Liturgical Year
Cross or crucifix 39-03 Liturgical Year
Cyril and Methodius 40-01 Liturgical Year
Dies Irae 29-09 Liturgical Year
Divine Mercy Sunday 37-04 Liturgical Year
Do Re Mi 41-05 Liturgical Year
Easter 35-02 Liturgical Year
Easter Candle 22-03 Liturgical Year
Easter First Readings 30-03 Liturgical Year
Easter Octave 35-03 Liturgical Year
Easter Vigil 28-03 Liturgical Year
Ember Days 28-10 Liturgical Year
Epiphany on Sunday 32-10 Liturgical Year
Exaltation of the Holy Cross 24-07 Liturgical Year
Exsultet 23-03 Liturgical Year
Feast 33-07 Liturgical Year
First Letter of Peter 35-03 Liturgical Year
George 42-03 Liturgical Year
Good Friday 35-01 Liturgical Year
Holy Days 23-10 Liturgical Year
Holy Family 41-10 Liturgical Year
Holy Thursday 35-01 Liturgical Year
Immaculate Conception 26-10 Liturgical Year
Januarius 42-07 Liturgical Year
January 1″ 28-01 Liturgical Year
John de Brébeuf 40-08 Liturgical Year
Korean martyrs 39-07 Liturgical Year
Lamentations in Holy Week 34-02 Liturgical Year
Lateran Basilica 24-09 Liturgical Year
Lauda Sion 30-05 Liturgical Year
Lent 29-02 Liturgical Year
Litany of the Saints 32-04 Liturgical Year
Liturgical Colors 21-01 Liturgical Year
Marie Rose Durocher 39-08 Liturgical Year
Memorial 33-08 Liturgical Year
Memorials in Privileged Seasons 33-08 Liturgical Year
Midnight Mass 21-10 Liturgical Year
Nativity of John the Baptist 40-05 Liturgical Year
Nativity of Mary 42-07 Liturgical Year
O 21-10 Liturgical Year
Optional Memorial 26-09 Liturgical Year
Ordinary Time 23-08 Liturgical Year
Ordinary Time Weekdays 42-01 Liturgical Year
Original Novena, The 22-04 Liturgical Year
Our Lady of Lourdes 41-01 Liturgical Year
Our Lady of Sorrows 35-06 Liturgical Year
Palm Sunday Commemoration 40-02 Liturgical Year
Palm Sunday Passion 40-02 Liturgical Year
Pentecost 35-02 Liturgical Year
Pentecost Vigil 37-04 Liturgical Year
Peter Chanel 42-03 Liturgical Year
Peter Claver 39-07 Liturgical Year
Philip and James 40-04 Liturgical Year
Presentation of the Lord 24-01 Liturgical Year
Processions in Holy Week 34-02 Liturgical Year
Proclamation of the Birth of Christ 31-10 Liturgical Year
Purple and Blue 25-02 Liturgical Year
Reception of Oils 30-02 Liturgical Year
Rogation Days 28-06 Liturgical Year
Saints Peter and Paul 24-05 Liturgical Year
Simon and Jude 39-08 Liturgical Year
Solemnity 33-07 Liturgical Year
St. Joseph 41-02 Liturgical Year
St. Patrick 23-02 Liturgical Year
Stanislaus 40-03 Liturgical Year
Sunday 23-07 Liturgical Year
Thanksgiving Day 35-09 Liturgical Year
Thérèse of the Child Jesus 40-08 Liturgical Year
Transfiguration 40-06 Liturgical Year
Veiling statues 32-01 Liturgical Year
Veni sancte Spiritus 29-04 Liturgical Year
Victimae paschali laudes 30-03 Liturgical Year
Vigil or anticipated mass 39-10 Liturgical Year
Visitation 42-04 Liturgical Year
Washing Feet 22-03 Liturgical Year
Applause 25-03 Mass Customs
Baked Bread 27-07 Mass Customs
Beginning of the School Year 40-07 Mass Customs
Both Kinds 22-01 Mass Customs
Capital letters 38-10 Mass Customs
Catholic Communion 23-10 Mass Customs
Communion Blessing 29-03 Mass Customs
Corporal 42-05 Mass Customs
Crying Babies 25-04 Mass Customs
Distractions 24-06 Mass Customs
Entering the church 30-09 Mass Customs
Eucharistic Prayer Choice 31-05 Mass Customs
Forgiveness at Mass 28-02 Mass Customs
Getting the Least 37-03 Mass Customs
GIRM 30-06 Mass Customs
Hands at Our Father 31-01 Mass Customs
Homily Feedback 23-06 Mass Customs
Incense 23-07 Mass Customs
Intinction 22-09 Mass Customs
Kneeling for communion 37-06 Mass Customs
Knights of Columbus at mass 41-04 Mass Customs
Mary at Mass 21-04 Mass Customs
Mass for the people 31-01 Mass Customs
Mass intentions 28-03 Mass Customs
Mass on vacation 37-05 Mass Customs
Mustum 31-04 Mass Customs
Non-Catholic Communion 26-03 Mass Customs
Orans 26-04 Mass Customs
Participation 38-07 Mass Customs
Participation Aids 27-08 Mass Customs
Peoples’ hands 39-06 Mass Customs
Praying the eucharistic prayer 30-10 Mass Customs
Priesthood of the Faithful 30-06 Mass Customs
Reading and Praying 38-09 mass Customs
Real Presence 42-06 Mass Customs
Recorded music 31-02 Mass Customs
Reverence 25-01 Mass Customs
Silence before mass 30-07 Mass Customs
Singing at mass 33-05 Mass Customs
Singing Dialogues 38-05 Mass Customs
Sitting 25-10 Mass Customs
Standing 23-05 Mass Customs
Verses 24-04 Mass Customs
Altar servers 31-03 Mass Ministers
Cantor 25-09 Mass Ministers
Choir 34-03 Mass Ministers
Commentators 23-01 Mass Ministers
Concelebration 24-03 Mass Ministers
Deacons 21-06 Mass Ministers
Greeters 35-05 Mass Ministers
Lay Preaching 33-02 Mass Ministers
Lectors 28-09 Mass Ministers
Mass with one minister 39-05 Mass Ministers
Master of ceremonies 42-09 Mass Ministers
Priest 31-07 Mass Ministers
Sacristan 34-03 Mass Ministers
“And with your spirit.” 36-06 Mass Parts
“Hell” in the Creed 37-01 Mass Parts
Absolution 37-05 Mass Parts
Advent Preface 41-09 Mass Parts
All is 39-02 Mass Parts
Announcements 26-05 Mass Parts
Begotten 38-06 Mass Parts
Bells at Mass 25-02 Mass Parts
Bow Down for the Blessing 38-10 Mass Parts
Bringing Up the Gifts 31-06 Mass Parts
Catholic Bible 34-05 Mass Parts
Christ has died 38-04 Mass Parts
Closing Hymn 23-08 Mass Parts
Collect 41-08 Mass Parts
Collection 24-07 Mass Parts
Communion bow 30-08 Mass Parts
Communion Chant 38-03 Mass Parts
Concelebrants’ Gestures 41-09 Mass Parts
Confess one baptism 38-03 Mass Parts
Confiteor 36-10 Mass Parts
Consubstantial and Incarnate 36-07 Mass Parts
Creed, The 21-03 Mass Parts
Cup and Chalice 38-04 Mass Parts
Direction of the Cross 42-02 Mass Parts
Dismissals 21-04 Mass Parts
Elevation 27-06 Mass Parts
Embolism 36-08 Mass Parts
Entrance chant 30-07 Mass Parts
Epiclesis 34-10 Mass Parts
Eucharistic Prayer I 25-08 Mass Parts
Eucharistic Prayer II 22-05 Mass Parts
Eucharistic Prayer III 26-06 Mass Parts
Eucharistic Prayer IV 21-05 Mass Parts
First Corinthians 35-10 Mass Parts
For the Kingdom 30-01 Mass Parts
For us men 37-07 Mass Parts
Gathering 21-09 Mass Parts
Glory to you, O Lord 38-02 Mass Parts
Great amen 33-05 Mass Parts
Greeting 38-07 Mass Parts
Hearing Scripture 24-01 Mass Parts
Holy, Holy, Holy 36-08 Mass Parts
Homily length 38-01 Mass Parts
I believe 36-10 Mass Parts
ICEL and Vox Clara 38-06 Mass Parts
Inaudible Prayers 24-06 Mass Parts
Incensing the people 32-07 Mass Parts
Instrumental music 35-05 Mass Parts
Introductory Rites 28-09 Mass Parts
John 24-10 Mass Parts
Joseph in the Eucharistic Prayers 40-09 Mass Parts
Kisses 22-01 Mass Parts
Kyrie 36-09 Mass Parts
Lamb of God 22-05 Mass Parts
Letter to the Hebrews 37-08 Mass Parts
Lord Be with You, The 21-07 Mass Parts
Luke 28-05 Mass Parts
Mark 27-05 Mass Parts
Matthew 26-08 Mass Parts
Melchisedech 28-04 Mass Parts
Memorial Acclamation 29-06 Mass Parts
Merit 39-04 Mass Parts
Mystery of Faith 38-05 Mass Parts
N. our Bishop 36-05 Mass Parts
Offertory chant 30-10 Mass Parts
Orate, fratres 38-02 Mass Parts
Order of Mass 36-01 Mass Parts
Prayer of the Faithful 21-06 Mass Parts
Preface 32-02 Mass Parts
Preface Dialogue 32-02 Mass Parts
Presidential Prayers 21-08 Mass Parts
Pro multis 36-06 Mass Parts
Purification prayer 36-09 Mass Parts
Purifying vessels 34-04 Mass Parts
Receiving Communion 21-05 Mass Parts
Responsorial Psalm, The 21-08 Mass Parts
Rose again 37-09 Mass Parts
Saints in the Eucharistic Prayers 36-07 Mass Parts
Salt 32-05 Mass Parts
Sign of Peace 25-08 Mass Parts
Sign of the Cross 35-06 Mass Parts
Silence 21-07 Mass Parts
Sin of the World 37-08 Mass Parts
Standing for the invitation 30-08 Mass Parts
Striking the Breast 39-01 Mass Parts
The sins of the world 37-07 Mass Parts
Thessalonians 41-08 Mass Parts
Turning toward the ambo 30-09 Mass Parts
Under my roof 37-06 Mass Parts
Unmentionable, The 22-02 Mass Parts
What Does Not Change 38-08 Mass Parts
Who live 39-04 Mass Parts
Last Rites 21-03 Sacraments Anointing
Oil of the Sick 29-08 Sacraments Anointing
Baptism candle 34-07 Sacraments Baptism
Baptismal Certificate 29-04 Sacraments Baptism
Baptismal Formula 35-07 Sacraments Baptism
Baptismal Garment, The 22-04 Sacraments Baptism
Catechetical Age 24-08 Sacraments Baptism
Catechumen 33-03 Sacraments Baptism
Changing Godparents 42-06 Sacraments Baptism
Chrism 31-04 Sacraments Baptism
Conditional baptism 41-07 Sacraments Baptism
Emergency baptism 24-10 Sacraments Baptism
Ephphetha 41-03 Sacraments Baptism
Godparents 23-05 Sacraments Baptism
Immersion 32-02 Sacraments Baptism
Mystagogy 34-04 Sacraments Baptism
Oil of Catechumens 25-04 Sacraments Baptism
Oil of Catechumens 29-07 Sacraments Baptism
Parent Questions 35-09 Sacraments Baptism
Presentation of the Creed 41-02 Sacraments Baptism
Presentation of the Lord’s Prayer 41-03 Sacraments Baptism
RCIA 32-09 Sacraments Baptism
Renewing baptismal promsies 34-07 Sacraments Baptism
Rite of Acceptance 32-10 Sacraments Baptism
Rite of Election 28-02 Sacraments Baptism
Rite of Reception 33-03 Sacraments Baptism
Rite of Sending 28-01 Sacraments Baptism
Scrutiny 23-02 Sacraments Baptism
Sponsors 33-06 Sacraments Baptism
Confirmation 22-06 Sacraments Confirmation
Confirmation Creed 30-04 Sacraments Confirmation
Confirmation Name 29-06 Sacraments Confirmation
Skipping confirmation 39-06 Sacraments Confirmation
Bread, Cup, Body, Blood 29-05 Sacraments Eucharist
Communion Services 27-10 Sacraments Eucharist
Communion Twice 28-06 Sacraments Eucharist
Confession before Communion 24-02 Sacraments Eucharist
Easter Duty 37-01 Sacraments Eucharist
English Translation 36-01 Sacraments Eucharist
First Communion Dress 29-03 Sacraments Eucharist
First Communion Requirements 27-04 Sacraments Eucharist
Novus ordo 34-10 Sacraments Eucharist
Sharing divinity 41-10 Sacraments Eucharist
Sunday Lay Presider 28-05 Sacraments Eucharist
Valid and Licit 27-01 Sacraments Eucharist
Arras 42-10 Sacraments Marriage
Blessing and Exchange of Rings 36-02 Sacraments Marriage
Catholic wedding music 37-10 Sacraments Marriage
Consent 24-02 Sacraments Marriage
Convalidation 22-09 Sacraments Marriage
Dispensation from Form 36-02 Sacraments Marriage
Lazo 40-04 Sacraments Marriage
Lighting Candles at Weddings 36-03 Sacraments Marriage
Marrying a Non-Christian 42-05 Sacraments Marriage
Nuptial epiclesis 39-02 Sacraments Marriage
Outdoor Weddings 27-07 Sacraments Marriage
Photography 23-06 Sacraments Marriage
Sanation 35-04 Sacraments Marriage
Saturday Wedding Mass 25-07 Sacraments Marriage
Scripture for Weddings 27-02 Sacraments Marriage
Seating Parents at Weddings 36-03 Sacraments Marriage
Simple Catholic Wedding 36-05 Sacraments Marriage
Unity Candle 29-09 Sacraments Marriage
Wedding acclamation 42-10 Sacraments Marriage
Wedding Kneeler 29-07 Sacraments Marriage
Wedding March 28-07 Sacraments Marriage
Wedding Procession, The 21-09 Sacraments Marriage
Weddings at Sunday Mass 41-06 Sacraments Marriage
Weddings without mass 24-04 Sacraments Marriage
Manutergium 42-08 Sacraments Ordination
Act of Penance 26-01 Sacraments Penance
Communal reconciliation 25-06 Sacraments Penance
General Absolution 29-01 Sacraments Penance
Leaving penance early 31-03 Sacraments Penance
Reconciliation 22-10 Sacraments Penance
Senior Citizen Confessions 37-03 Sacraments Penance
Persons with Disabilities 41-05 Sacraments
Alb 31-06 Vestments
Amice 29-10 Vestments
Black Vestments 34-05 Vestments
Chasuble 23-09 Vestments
Cincture 29-08 Vestments
Cope 30-04 Vestments
Dalmatic 25-07 Vestments
Dress 23-09 Vestments
Humeral Veil 30-05 Vestments
Kissing Stoles 41-07 Vestments
Maniple 42-08 Vestments
Pallium 32-01 Vestments
Roman Collar 27-03 Vestments
Stole 26-06 Vestments
Vesture for Ministers 27-02 Vestments