A louder response

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Q:  Is is OK for a priest to make jokes or repeat prayers to get a louder response after the gifts are presented?  Our pastor this past Sunday, after the gifts were presented, and his hands washed, and the gifts prepared, said the opening prayer to consecration where the assembly says Amen.  He said “Lame” and repeated the prayer. One in the assembly screamed Amen. He then said “You don’t have to yell” and continued with the consecration. This isn’t the first time he has done this…asking for a louder response.  It just seems very inappropriate to me. Am I wrong? Is there something I can say to him about this lack of respect for what he is doing, in my opinion.


A:  Not a good way to build up the body of Christ. I’m with you: His behavior shows a lack of respect. Yes, let him know you find it difficult to pray when he does such a thing.