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Q: The Solemnity of the Annunciation falls on a Thursday this year. This parish (which happens to be named “Annunciation”) has its Wednesday daily Mass at 6:00 pm. May/must that Mass be celebrated in Anticipation of the solemnity? I do not see a dedicated Vigil Mass for this particular solemnity.


A: If it’s your practice to make that evening Mass an anticipated holyday Mass on the occasions when one falls on a Thursday, then I would apply the same formula to this non-holyday solemnity, even if it does not carry a special formula for a vigil. That’s basically what we do on most Saturday evenings of the year.

If, however, the community is used to observing the Wednesday liturgy, no matter the solemnity that may fall on the next day, then you could continue to honor that practice.

I don’t know of legislation on this, so I would commend the decision to your pastoral judgment.