Anointing of the sick

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Q: When Anointing of the Sick takes place within Mass, does the Reception of the Sick replace the Penitential Act, or does the Penitential Act take place after the Reception of the Sick?

In Pastoral Care of the Sick, the Outline of the Rite lists Greeting, Reception of the Sick, Penitential Rite, and Opening Prayer as the parts that comprise the Introductory Rites.

However, the rite itself provides neither texts nor rubrics to indicate that it is to actually take place.  135 indicates that the Reception of the Sick takes place “After the greeting…”, but then moves to 136, which is the Opening Prayer.

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A: The way I read it, the penitential act follows the reception of the sick.

This will be clearer when we get the new English translation of this book. #135 will appear as #92, which simply states that the reception of the sick takes place at the beginning of Mass in the introduction. It next treats the Liturgy of the Word, so I assume that the other elements intervene by implication: the penitential act and the collect.

Because the present English translation is unclear, you may interpret it either way. But I believe the intent is that the penitential act takes place as usual, after the introduction, which includes the reception of the sick.