Anointing on Holy Saturday

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q:  Forgive me for continuing on this topic, I should have been more clear on my original question.   When you mention preparation rites on Holy Saturday am I correct in interpreting that means the anointing cannot be performed at any time on Saturday, morning or afternoon ?

Is the priest the only one who performs the anointings or can Deacon perform……and this would be on a date when the elect can be brought together to perform the anointings before Holy Week ??

A:  Correct.  The anointing cannot take place at any time on Holy Saturday.

I suppose you could anoint the catechumens / elect sometime before then, but I usually try to do it during the period of the catechumenate, which is how the RCIA envisions it.  Deacons and priests may anoint with this oil. No one else.