Ars Celebrandi questions

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Q: I have finally had a chance to begin reading Ars Celebrandi. I have a comment and a question (so far). 

Pages 11 – 12:  In the discussion of solemnities, you mention the Ascension as having its own Vigil Mass although it does not have different readings for the vigil and for the day.  It seems like the Epiphany would fall into that same category; it has a vigil Mass but identical readings for both the vigil and day. (I just happened to be doing something related to the Epiphany this week and happened to notice it had a vigil – that happened on the same day I was reading that part of your book!) You didn’t mention the Epiphany however.  

Pages 13 – 14: Regarding the title of a parish church and its solemnity….All three church(es) I am involved with were “dissolved” and merged into one new entity at one of the sites and given a new name. Do I understand your statement “If through a restructuring process a combined parish receives a new name, the title of the church cannot be changed, and the date associated with the church’s original title remains a solemnity in that parish, whose new patron is celebrated as a feast” to mean that the former title of the parish at which we will now meet is the one whose patronal date we would observe as a solemnity?   Is there a technical difference between the name of the church and the title?  If we start to honor the new observance, we may as well do it on the right day! 

Once again, thank you.


A: Thanks for picking up my book and giving even the first few pages a careful read.

You’re right that I did not list all the vigils on page 12, and Epiphany would fit the list. So would Christmas. So would Easter. But those last two have their own readings for the Vigil.

Regarding the parishes, you are reading it correctly. The day associated with the title of the church from its dedication remains a solemnity on the calendar even if the name of the parish changes.