Assumption on a Saturday

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Q: I think the Ordo is incorrect on something. Assumption of the BVM falls on a Saturday. The Ordo says that Evening Prayer that night is EP II of Assumption and NP II. Ought not the Sunday take precedence over the Solemnity falling on a Saturday? We were planning already in both parishes to celebrate the Saturday evening Masses in anticipation for the Twentieth Sunday. But that doesn’t make sense if the Office is still celebrating Assumption. What do you think? What am I missing?


A: Here’s 61 of the norms for the calendar:

61. Should on the other hand, Vespers (Evening Prayer) of the current day’s Office and First Vespers (Evening Prayer I) of the following day be assigned for celebration on the same day, then Vespers (Evening Prayer) of the celebration with the higher rank in the Table of Liturgical Days takes precedence; in cases of equal rank, Vespers (Evening Prayer) of the current day takes precedence.

The Assumption ranks 3 and Ordinary Time Sunday ranks 6, so The Assumption wins as far as vespers is concerned. And, by inference, night prayer.

Mass is a different question.