Australian 2020 Plenary Council

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Q:  What would you like to see the Australian 2020 Plenary Council address about our Catholic liturgy: my concerns include making the Mass more comprehensible for young people (and adults); a revision of the Roman Missal, especially some of its prayers which seem ethereal and involve language that’s not meaningful to the average pew dweller (as a recently ordained mature age priest I am only slowly appreciating the richness of the various Eucharistic Prayers which I study and pray lovingly; however, most of my congregation have not had this opportunity and I suspect the profound theology embedded in the Eucharistic Prayers may be lost to them.) I am also keen to have the bishops revisit with Rome the Third Rite of Reconciliation. When this was allowed in Australia some years ago it was very popular. Now this most beautiful of sacraments is rarely accessed.


A:  I’m not that close to the Australian liturgical patterns to comment on the 2020 Plenary Council, but I hope that you would explore the contributions of aboriginal liturgies and work toward a commitment to offering the faithful communion at mass from the bread consecrated during the mass, rather than from previously consecrated hosts in the tabernacle.