Baptism during Lent

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Q: I have question about baptism during Lent:

Outside of emergency situations, Can a baptism be done during Lent?  The situation is that we’ve been trying to get this baptism in before Lent but due to COVID Pandemic, travel restrictions etc. unable to do so.  Now the family is able to get everyone, parents and godparents together in March.  They really wanted to have the godparents in person rather than use a proxy.  
Is it OK to do a baptism during Lent–it would be outside of Mass regardless of when it happens due to COVID.  Thanks!


A: Baptisms are allowed during Lent. The only days we cannot baptize under normal circumstances are Good Friday and the day of Holy Saturday.

Baptisms are even permitted during Mass. I can remember one year I had a baptism during the Palm Sunday Mass. I don’t recommend doing that, but it can be done.