Baptism for Children

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Q: The Order of Baptism for Children, for Baptism during Mass, has the Rite of Receiving the Child(ren) begin after the Entrance Chant and the Sign of the Cross (rubrics 257, 258, 296, & 297) and, after the signing of the child(ren), the “procession to the altar then takes place in the customary manner …. with singing” (rubrics 265 & 303). These rubrics offer Psalm 85:7-9ab as an exempli gratia

Would there be any rubrical problem with starting Mass with the first verse of the scheduled entrance hymn, conduct the Rite of Receiving the Child(ren), and then have the subsequent verses of the entrance hymn sung during the procession to the altar?



A: That is the way I do it during Advent and Lent. At other times of the year we sing one verse of the opening hymn, and then we actually sing the Gloria instead of Psalm 85:7-9ab. It isn’t ideal because I’m reverencing the altar and sometimes incensing the altar during the Gloria, but something has to give, and that’s how I’ve sorted it out.