Baptism of the Lord

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Q:  With the Baptism of the Lord falling on a Monday this year – should we have said the creed? There was confusion at our Mass. Obviously praying it didn’t hurt anything, but rubrically, it surprised me, since usually it’s only said on Sundays and Solemnities. It makes sense to me that it would ordinarily be said on this feast because the feast ordinarily falls on a Sunday, but when it’s not on a Sunday, which applies? – the GIRM’s directive of the Creed on Sundays and Solemnities (n. 68), or the note in the missal on that feast’s page saying that the Creed is said?


A:  The Baptism of the Lord ranks as a feast, and the celebration of Mass on feasts includes the Gloria, but not the Creed. When the Baptism falls on a Sunday, the Creed is included because it is Sunday.