Baptizing away from the home parish

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Q:  I have a friend from another state. His daughter married a military man, and they have a baby. They would like me to baptize the baby next month in the parish where I serve as a deacon. They are going to be here for the wedding of another family member, and also the father will join them here, too. I told them let me check first.

Is it ok for me to baptize the baby here?

Do I need to have my pastor’s permission?

Do they need to provide any type of documents from their home state?

As always, thank you very much.


A:  There are no clear rules on the case you propose. As a courtesy, yes, you should ask your pastor. As a courtesy, the mother or father of the child should request a letter from the pastor in their state to your pastor, saying that they are registered in a parish and have completed the requirements for baptism preparation. If either parish has further guidelines on baptism, then these should be followed.