Biretta for Mass

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Q. A newly ordained priest here uses a biretta for mass, much as a bishop does with the miter. I work from this starting point: In reforming the Missal of 1962 to the Ordinary Form

  1. If there is a stated change from Extraordinary to Ordinary, do what the new says
  2. If there is a drop in rubric from old to new, but new is silent, do not add it back in; cannot presume “somebody just forgot”
    1. E.g., do not now carry the chalice and paten etc. under the veil in the opening procession

So I think, about the biretta:  use noted in the older Missal, is not noted in the new, and thus is not worn or used at all at Mass.   Am I on safe ground?  Am I missing something?

A. I agree with you. Here are a couple more thoughts.
One priest, to justify such traditional additions, pointed me to GIRM 42, which says, “Attention must therefore be paid to what is determined by this General Instruction and by the traditional practice of the Roman Rite and to what serves the common spiritual good of the People of God, rather than private inclination or arbitrary choice.”

I think that’s it’s a stretch to say that this permits the re-importation of “traditional practices,” but he said that’s how he justified his actions.
My point with priests who wear a biretta or carry the chalice, paten and tabernacle key in procession is, if you do this, just admit that you are not “doing the red.” You are doing your own thing. If you do, then don’t complain when a priest invites people to hold hands during the Lord’s Prayer. Neither of you is being strictly faithful to the rubrics.
My prayers for all involved.
Rev. Paul Turner