Blessing of the Advent wreath

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Q:  My question is regarding the Blessing of the Advent Wreath during Mass on the first Sunday of Advent. The Book of Blessings is vague regarding the question of whether or not to recite the Creed before beginning the intercessions/blessing/lighting of the advent wreath which is to follow the homily. My thought is that unless a baptism and/or confirmation is being celebrated or the renewal of Baptismal promises is done on Easter Sunday, the creed is said at all Sunday Masses. However the question was raised as to why there was no Creed on the First Sunday of Advent. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


A:  You are correct. The creed needs to follow as usual. Then the prayer of the faithful with the blessing of the wreath. That blessing was composed for the US edition of the Book of Blessings, and it probably got through without more clarity.