Blessing for bells

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Q: Our pastor just had a ‘miniature’ tower built to display the first bell from our original church building. It’s intention is to show the history of the church. (It’s location is in front of our church.) 

He just asked me to find a blessing for bells, but since it will not be used as a ‘regular church bell’ AND was probably blessed when it was first acquired in the late 19th century, I wondered what you would suggest. 

As always, I lean on your direction! Thank you so much for all that you do for us.


A: Thanks for your comments on my blog.

As you probably know the Book of Blessings includes a blessing of bells in chapter 37, but it presumes that the bells have not been blessed and that they will be put into use to summon people to worship.

I recommend using chapter 70, Order for a Blessing in Thanksgiving. You are giving thanks for your history, and the bell is a reminder of it. Take a look at it. I think you’ll find that the texts work very well for your situation.