Blessing of Candles

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Q: The program we planned with our Parish School of Religion for the Blessing of Candles for the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord looks like it’s going to be snowed out. Is there any reason one cannot move the Blessing of Candles to another day when the faithful can more safely participate?


A: Mmmmmmmm.

Not sure I’d do it that way. Children should understand the liturgical year. You could bless candles with the blessing of articles for liturgical use from the Book of Blessings on some other day. But I don’t think I’d move the readings and prayers of the feast.

Nonetheless, I’m sure others have done it.

Many a prison has held the Sunday liturgy on a Wednesday night when the priest can get in there.

Many a recording studio has had the priest celebrate the Sunday liturgy on Thursday morning so that they can edit it before the broadcast.

It’s just not right.