Blessing of throats

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Q: The ordo suggests that the blessing of throats may take place on Feb. 2.  In the book of blessings (1626) it says the blessing may take place following the intercessions, or, for pastoral reasons… in place of the final blessing.  If we were to do the latter, would this conclude the Mass so that people come forward for the blessing and then leave?  Or would the entire rite take place and then the dismissal? 


A: I’m guessing that when the blessing of throats replaces the final blessing, the priest says the words once with hands extended over the community (1628). Mass concludes in the usual way.

If you want to offer individual blessings after mass, you could use the Shorter Rite starting at 1651. It really is short: a dialogue, a reading and the blessing.

I would not encourage replacing the blessing of the community at mass with individual blessings and individual dismissals.