Blessing of water and salt

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Q: With reference to paragraph 1390-1399 in the Book of Blessings.  The rite states water may be blessed by a Priest or Deacon outside Mass. We also see a reference to the Roman Missal (Sacramentary). Appendix, “Rite of Blessing and Sprinkling Holy Water”.  I believe the current Missal has this Rite in Appendix II and it is called “Rite for the Blessing and Sprinkling of Water”.  The Rite in the Missal is specific to Mass during Easter Time.  My question concerns instruction #3 in the Missal, it refers to the Priest blessing salt.  Question#1: Does this replace the older Rite of blessing water and salt found in the Gelasian Sacramentary?  Question #2: Can the Gelasian Sacramentary still be validly used?  Question #3   Are you aware of any Rite in which a Deacon can bless salt?   As always, thank you for your help.


A: 1. I guess you could say that the salt blessing replaces the one in the Gelasian, but it’s a little like saying you’ve replaced your great-grandfather. That’s several generations of liturgical books ago.

2. The Gelasian may not be used. “Validity” is a canonical category, so you’d have to check with a canonlawyer about the results of someone using it.

3. The Book of Blessings offers several blessings of natural products (2000-2002). A deacon may use one of those over salt.

But why? I mean, the blessing of water should suffice for all pertinent needs.