Blessing the Advent Wreath

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q:  The Book of Blessings implies that there is no recitation of the creed when the Advent Wreath to be used in the church is blessed during Mass.  It says that the blessing takes place on the First Sunday of Advent or the evening before and that it may be done during Mass. However Mass on the First Sunday of Advent prescribes that a creed be said. Would you suggest the creed be said then the blessing of the advent wreath with the appropriate intercessions?


A:  I always include the creed.

The blessing of the wreath is the first of a series of blessings related to feasts and seasons that exist in the US, but not in the typical Latin edition of the book. In my opinion, the likelihood of something falling through the cracks is greater in a locally composed ceremony. The Order of Blessing within Mass allows the possibility that the wreath is blessed within any mass, even a weekday one. It doesn’t account for the creed, but it by no means intends to exclude it.

After the homily, we recite the creed, and then we begin the intercessions as usual. I conclude them with the prayer of blessing over the wreath.