Blessing the font

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Q: No one was baptized at our  Easter Vigil this year.   #40-The  introductory statement the priest used was under the red instructions: If the font is to be blessed, but no one is to be baptized.  Check.  #42- If no one is to be baptized and the font is not blessed, the Litany is omitted, and Blessing of Water(#54) takes place.   However,  we still sang the Litany of Saints because the font WAS being blessed (and it never hurts to call upon our beloved saints!). Wrong?  So, how can you bless water without a font unless you are blessing a vessel with water#37? Is that why the instruction goes to blessing of water #54? Clarification please.

Thank you does not seem to be enough for all the knowledge and inspiration you have given me over the years. I love your writings–you are so clear and so thorough! May your Easter season be filled with much joy and continued energy to provide instruction for all of us. 🙂


A: Thanks for your comments on my work. Yes, you figured it out correctly. When no one is to be baptized, either the litany is sung and the font is blessed for future baptisms, or water is blessed with no anticipation of baptisms.