Bulletin Inserts

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q: I am trying to access your bulletin inserts, but don’t see how to do that. If this is a question of purchasing them, I’d be happy to do that. Can you assist me?


It depends on which bulletin inserts you mean. I’ve written two different series of them. One concerns a variety of liturgical topics. The other series contains a reflection on the first and second readings of the Sunday and Solemnity lectionary for the three-year cycle of readings.

LTP has just made the second series available for purchase as a download from their website. https://ltp.org/products/details/LIRA/lectionary-bulletin-inserts 

The first series is not yet available from LTP, but soon will be. In the meantime, I retain the rights to those inserts, and if you’d like some of them I can forward them to you. The list of inserts is available from my web site: https://paulturner.org/ministry-liturgy/