Call to continuing conversion

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Q: Are the candidates for the call to continuing conversion only those 18 years and older? We have some young people below 18 in our confirmation class who have been Baptized but still have not received fist Communion. Would these also be considered candidates and should they attend the Rite of Election/Call to Continuing conversion such as those RCIA adults who still need 1st Communion and Confirmation?


A: The Call to Continuing Conversion does include anyone of catechetical age who has been validly baptized but not received confirmation or first communion. 

Just remember that if they were baptized a Catholic, and if you want to confirm them, you will need the bishop’s permission to do so. He’ll probably give it, depending on the diocese, but he has to receive the request for each person by name. Without his permission, you do not have the faculty to confirm a baptized Catholic.

When you ask, “should they attend the Call to Continuing Conversion,” the answer is “they may attend it.” The unbaptized really should attend the rite of election, but the call is an optional rite.