Celebrating a Saint on Sunday

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q: This year I suggested to my pastor that we celebrate our patroness (Oct.1-St. Therese of Lisieux) on Sunday as permitted by #58 in the Universal Norms on the Calendar in RM. It does continue to say that “The Mass of such celebrations may be used at all celebrations…” 

Does “may be used” imply that it is optional to use the readings prescribed for the Saint? May the pastor choose to use the prescribed Sunday readings instead?

I’m a bit uncertain because in the GIRM #353, “On Solemnities the Priest is obliged to follow the Calendar of the church where he is celebrating.” And #357-per Solemnities-“These readings should be followed strictly.” Does that include when memorials or feasts are elevated to a Solemnity? 

Thank you as always for your clarifications!


A: My understanding is that the entire liturgy of the saint is to be celebrated if transferred to a Sunday, readings and all.