Changed Rules

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I recently had the opportunity to read your book, “Whose Mass Is It?” and thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the many insights you offer.I was away for a few days and was able to download the book.  Great vacation reading for someone who has little time to do so on a regular basis, sad to say.
Of course, this is not the first of your books that I have read.

Regarding “Whose Mass,” I have a question – do you have any thoughts of adding a chapter or epilogue reflecting the canonical legislation by which Pope Francis changed the rules regarding confirmatio, etc.  The reason I ask is that I would like to suggest that my bishop give a gift of the book to each of our priests, deacons and seminarians in lieu of the usual Christmas gift book, but the lack of some reflection of recent developments seems to leave the matter somehow unfinished.

I am sorry if these words seem to be a criticism, as they are not intended to be so in any way.  If I am correct, you published in 2015, but the pope has given us a little more hope since then. . .

Grateful for your lifetime of work and for the gift you are to the Church.


Thank you very much for your kind words about my book – and my other work. This really means a lot to me.

I have not discussed a further edition of that book with Lit Press, though you raise an important point. You’re right that I wrote the book before the recent developments with Pope Francis.

I can tell you that the ICEL bishops continue to explore better ways of rendering the prayers in English. They feel the responsibility very strongly, having heard the concerns of their own priests. It will take a while to shape a new style of translation, but I have seen developments happen – some incremental, but still there.

I appreciate you thinking of my book as a gift for priests. If you think it may not serve due to later developments, you might consider another book I wrote for the Institute for Priestly Formation. Some dioceses have used it as a Christmas gift for priests: The Pastor at Prayer.  

Again, thank you for kind words. Be assured of my prayers for your ministry.