Chrism Mass

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Q: It is our tradition to hold the Chrism Mass the Thursday prior to Holy Week. I have been searching the documents for some clue as to whether we can hold Chrism Mass on the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, as this would be the date in 2021. What I have found seems to indicate this would not be permissible.  Do you have any insight or can you confirm my findings?


A: In the absence of a document, a simple deduction shows that the answer is absolutely yes, you may schedule the Chrism Mass on March 25.

Many dioceses schedule their Chrism Mass during the first part of Holy Week—say, for example, that Tuesday. They use the liturgy of the Chrism Mass, not that of Tuesday of Holy Week. And the weekdays of Holy Week rank ABOVE the Annunciation on the table of liturgical days.

All the other Masses in the diocese that day, including those at the cathedral where presumably the Chrism Mass will take place, use the liturgy of the Annunciation on March 25.