Christian initiation

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Q:  In my prison ministry, one resident grew up in a Catholic family but was never baptized. He is asking for baptism and confirmation. The local pastor would like me to go ahead and baptize and confirm him (with the exceptional form), after a period of instruction. Should I be contacting the vicar general on these cases, or just work with the pastor?

A:  RCIA 34/2 says that bishop decides “whether and when, as circumstances warrant, the entire rite of Christian initiation may be celebrated outside the usual times.” So he should give permission.
It’s prudent to let the pastor know so that records can be properly maintained.
It’s up to you, but I’d probably look at RCIA 331-369, which collapses all the stages of the catechumenate into one celebration. Alternatively, you could lead the different rites as usual (Rite of Acceptance, Rite of Election, and Initiation Rites) on separate occasions. You would need the bishop’s permission to do the Rite of Election, and someone else would have to enter the name of the candidate into the Book of the Elect. It’s easier to use 331-369.