Communion for concelebrants

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Q: We have a funeral for a priest this week and my question is whether we are required to offer the Cup to all priests, both concelebrants and those in attendance, and deacons? If so, is intinction acceptable? I would like to be prepared ahead of time!


A: Concelebrants are required to have communion under both kinds. Other priests and deacons are not.

Intinction is not only acceptable, it is preferable in time of pandemic.
The principal celebrant must DRINK from his chalice. In our diocese, we usually set aside one or more auxiliary chalices for the concelebrating priests. When they intinct, they are not supposed to receive the host ahead of time, which would require them to carry it without a paten toward the altar. The hosts are left on the altar, and each concelebrant approaches the altar, genuflects, picks up a host right there and intincts.

We usually ask the last concelebrant in the communion lines not to intinct, but to drink what remains in the chalice and purify that vessel.

My condolences to you all on the death of the priest. May he celebrate with joy at the table of the Lord.