Communion: hand or tongue

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q:  I recently had a conversation with someone about communion in the hand versus communion on the tongue. The person suggested that communion in the hand is an indult in the United States.

I understand that in the USA the norm is receiving communion in the hand but the communicant has the option of receiving in the hand or on the tongue.  Can you please address if communion in the hand is an indult or the norm in our country and also comment on the narrative that communion on the tongue is more reverent.

A:  I’m not sure how best to apply the two terms “indult” and “norm”, but GIRM 160 states that communion may be received either on the tongue or in the hand.

In the typical edition, GIRM 161 states that communion is received in the hand ubi concessum sit. The concession is given in the US.
Some people find communion on the tongue more reverent; others find communion in the hand more reverent. It would be uncharitable to presume that a person receiving communion is demonstrating irreverence by choosing a legitimate option.